Photo of the Week – Jumping in Beijing

While in Beijing, one of my travel buddies introduced me to her infamous ‘jump shot’. I soon adopted it as a practise from then on, and together we have jumped our way through China, South Korea, Vietnam, Peru, Bolivia and Chile. This was my first successful jump, it’s all about the leg placement (and the burst feature on your phone or camera!).


After 3 smoggy, hazy and wet days in Beijing, we awoke to clear skies for our last day, a sunny, hot Sunday. We visited the lovely parks and gardens that house the Temple of Heaven complex, built as a place of prayer and worship for the emperor in the 1400s.

Being a Sunday, we go to enjoy a relaxing day partaking in the past times of the locals – badmington, group aerobics and T’ai chi!

It was more like ‘rhythmic dancing with a racquet’, my kind of badmington!

We wandered in and around the beamless dome of the The Temple of Heaven, which is surrounded by a huge courtyard and other buildings. We then explored the  Circular Mound Altar, The Imperial Vault of Heaven and the ‘Echo Wall’ where you can amplify your voice around one of the circular walls. We tried to get it to work but it was too noisy with tourists, and people clapping everywhere to hear their echo!

Inside the walls of the imperial vault, as you can see too many tourist to hear anything.

You also cannot get super close to the wall due to a fence, so we blamed that as the reason we couldn’t hear each other!

‘Hey Katie, What’s for Lunch?’ was probably what I was whispering around the walls.

I love this random shot of a random part of the wall with a random tourist. Points for his pose and colour coordinating outfit.

A worked takes a break from sweeping inside the Imperial Vault of Heaven, with the Echo Wall behind her. Another random photo – I did get so many random captures during my time in China!


My jumping shots then continued… as you can see here I had success in Xi-an!

Touring in China, and all over Asia gave us lots of fun posing ideas for our photos. Peace fingers in Hong Kong, Bum out and legs bent in Vietnam, Love heart thumbs in South Korea…the list is endless!

What’s your go to pose when travelling?

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    • Thanks for the comment. It was a beautiful part of Beijing. With regards to jumping, it looks like I am jumping high but you’re only in the air for half a second!

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