Lone Wolf Adventures

The Story of Lone Wolf…

Waiting to board my flight, I wandered over to a deserted section of the airport  lounge whilst on the phone. It was behind a wall between two gates. There on the window sill sat a little white wolf, all alone. A little Lone Wolf.

He was gazing out the window at the planes. Look at this little guy! He’s just crying out for an adventure, and to be a lone wolf no more. So he was quickly adopted by me and The Artist, (though i’d get full custody) and happily settled into looking forward to many adventures together.


His First Trip – Sunshine Coast









After joining us at the airport, Lone Wolf had dinner at the pub and played a bit of ping pong at the resort. We had a lot of wet weather, shame for a tropical Queensland holiday. He came with me on an early morning road trip to Eumundi Markets, especially as my significant other hates a) early mornings and b) markets! Luckily Lone Wolf loves both.


Trip 2 – NSW South Coast























After his first trip, Lone Wolf now lives permanently in my handbag. he goes everywhere with me! We regularly go down the south coast to visit the parentals. Lone Wolf loved the beach, he was quite keen for some surfing. And of course Muma Lone Wolf had to get in the photo too.


Outing 3 – Bowling

Lone Wolf carving it up on the lanes…he won I think. Not hard to beat me, Mrs Gutterball…


His 4th Trip – New Zealand 

For a weekend in the North Island, Lone Wolf got to enjoy a creamed horn (actually he ate most of it), he considered a bungee jump, and checked out the sulfur and steam near Huka Falls. And yes my grip on his tail at the bungee jump was extremely tight!


Trip 5 – Big Island – Hawaii






















Lone Wolf saw the volcano on Hawaii’s big island, and was in a better mood than my human travel companion …How dare it should rain on OUR holiday….

We decided to explore a cave as well as doing a hike to Akaka Falls. God Lone Wolf, stop being so ‘outdoorsy’!