Bucket List


1. Swim with dolphins 

2. Visit Rio De Janiero

3. Walk the Great Wall

4. Cruise through the Panama Canal

5. Swim in the Dead Sea

6. See the Pyramids

7. Hike Machu Pichu

8. See the Salt Flats, Bolivia

9. Travel to the Galapagos

10. Road trip through Monument Valley, Utah

11. Zip line

12. See the Terracotta Warriors

13. Lay on a beach in Bora Bora, Tahiti

14. Take a cruise through Milford Sound

15. Go on an African Safari

16. See the Amazon

17. Visit Hong Kong (properly)

18. Get a flight upgrade

19. Take the cable car in Queenstown

20. Go whale watching

21. Stay at Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

22. Watch sunrise on a beach

23. Cruise down the Danube

24. Visit Edinburgh

25. See the ruins of Petra

26. Hike in Yellowstone National Park

27. Snorkel the Great Barrier Reef

28. Visit the Rose St Artist Markets

29. Bike ride through China’s rice fields

30. Have cocktails in Zanzibar

31. Visit Monkey Mia

32. See the Taj Mahal

33. Walk around Uluru

34. Visit the Ganges River

35. Climb the hills of Cinque Terra

36. See the world’s largest Art Gallery in Russia

37. Visit Darwin

38. Watch a movie under the stars

39. Have a white Christmas

40. Drive from LA to San Fran

41. Lie on a beach in Hawaii

42. Walk the glacier at Wanaka

43. Stay in a Chalet in the Alps

44. See the Jungfrau and Matterhorn

45. Hang out in the markets of Morocco

46. Visit Chang Mai

47. Hike through the Royal National Park, Sydney

48. Have a romantic Picnic

49. Go Glamping at Dubbo Zoo

50. See Niagara Falls

51. See the Galapagos Islands

52. Trek through a cloud forest in Ecuador

53. See lava flowing from a volcano

54. See the sunset on Waikiki beach

55. View the vistas across the lakes of Chili and Patagonia

56. See an iceberg

55. Visit the rice paddies and forests of Ubud, Bali

56. Hold a falcon like medieval falconry

57. See seals and sea lions in the wild

58. See a sloth in captivity or the wild, bonus to hold one!

59. Visit Florida

60. Cross Australia on the train

61. Ride a seaplane

62. Snorkel in a sinkhole

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