Reverse Bucket List

Here is my Reverse Bucket List, celebrating the things I’ve achieved over the years!

1. Rode a hot air balloon, Rose Valley, Cappadocia Turkey

2. Seen Orangutans in the wild, Sepilok, Borneo Malaysia

3. Climbed the Sydney Harbour Bridge, Australia

4. Gone horseriding, Wales, Ireland, Australia









5. Kiss the Blarney Stone, Ireland

6. Seen the view from the Empire State Building, New York, USA

7. Hiked a Mountain, Mt Kinabalu, Borneo Malaysia

8. Rode a Segway, San Francisco USA









9. Saw a bear in the wild, Canada

10. Rode a gondola in Venice, Italy

11. Climbed the Eiffel tower, Paris France

12. Walked on a glacier, Canada and Iceland









13. Survived White water rafting, Switzerland and Canada

14. Skied on a Volcano, Mt Ruapehu New Zealand 

15. Rode a motor cycle all by myself, Cappadocia Turkey

16. Sailed into Santorini on a Yacht, Greece









17. Flying foxed over a river, Tasmania Australia

18. Hung out at Notting Hill, London UK

19. Eaten crepes and baguettes  in France

20. Had margaritas in Mexico 









21. Visited the lowest place on earth, Death Valley, California USA

22. Swam in a waterfall lagoon, Vanuatu

23. Visited an undergroud city, Cappadocia Turkey

24. Saw the sunrise at Angor Wat, Cambodia









25. Rode a tram in San Francisco, USA

26. Sailed the Pacific on a huge cruise ship, 1996, 2003, 2013

27. Watched the sun set over the Ocean, Western Australia

28. Partied on a beach at night, Koh Samui Thailand









29. Flew in a helicopter to the Grand Canyon,  Las Vegas USA

30. Felt humbled at a concentration camp, Poland, Austria

31. Visited the Canadian Rockies, Canada

32. Seen the Giant’s Causeway, Northern Ireland









33. Shopped Melrose Ave, Los Angeles, California USA

34. Rollerbladed along Nice’s Promenade, Cote D’Azur France

35. Saw the Statue of Liberty, New York USA

36. Drank Sangria in Barcelona Spain









37. Viewed the Mona Lisa – twice! Paris France

38. Cruised the Dalmatian Coast, Croatia

39. Sailed Halong Bay, Vietnam

40. Hiked through Yosemite National Park – twice, California USA









41. Eaten giant pretzels in Hungary

42. Survived 5 moto journeys in Vietnam

43. Visited the Opera in Europe, Austria and Czech Republic

44. Shopped the Giant Malls and food courts of America, Pennsylvania USA









45. Ridden in chairlifts and gondolas, Switzerland, Canada

46. Eaten Curry in Brick Lane, London UK

47. Swam in the Blue Lagoon, Iceland

48. Picked my own berries, Tasmania Australia









49. Visited the Pike Place Markets – twice! Seattle USA

50. Rode a quad bike around an island, Naxos Greece

51. Riding in tuk tuks, Thailand

52. Rode the longest over water gondola, Vin Pearl island Vietnam









53. Shopped on Oxford St and Spitafields Market, London UK

54. Ridden a bike around Lake Bled, Slovenia

55. Camped on Fraser Island, Australia

56. Sat on a beach with sea lions, Kangaroo island Australia









57. Visited the rooftop of the Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

58. Seen the musical Rent! in New York, USA

59. Saw a rafflesia flower in the wild, Cameron Highlands Malaysia

60. Smelt the bubbling sulphur, Rotarua New Zealand









61. Walked the ruins of Pompeii, Italy

62. Seen the original geyser, Iceland

63. Been within 5 m of the queen! England UK

64. Walked the red light district of Amsterdam, The Netherlands









65. Gone Spelunking, Jalinup Western Australia

66. Sea kayaked, Catalina Island, California USA

67. Visited a tequila factory, Mexico

68. Visited the grand Bazaar, Istanbul Turkey









69. Been to the theatre in the West End, London UK

70. Hiked the lakes of the Canadian Rockies, Canada

71. Visited Bangkok, Thailand

72. Eaten pizza, Italy









73. Gambled at the famous casino, Montecarlo Monaco

74. Visited a monastery built in 1200AD, Amorgos Greece

75. Bike riding Venice Beach to Malibu, Los Angeles USA

76. Hiked and camped through the Megalong Valley, Blue Mountains Australia









77. Visited Rome, Italy

78. Seen the underground salt mines, Poland

79. Visited a black iron sand beach, Piha New Zealand

80. Walked along Brighton’s famous pier, England United Kingdom









81. Walked the strip, Las Vegas USA 

82. Had a cooking lesson, Borneo, Malaysia 

83. Climbed to the top of the Arc De Triumph, Paris France

84. Singapore Zoo Night Safari, Singapore









85. Hugged a 1200 year old tree, Vancouver Canada

86. Climbed the stairs to the Batu Caves, Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

87. Walked the Great Wall, China

88. Visited Hearst Castle, California, USA









89. Stood on top of a volcano, Big Island, Hawaii, USA

90. Visited the Terracotta Warriors, Xi-an, China

91. Taken the tram up Victoria’s Peak, Hong Kong

92. Visited Disneyland in Anaheim, California









93. Walked under the Giant Sequoia’s, Yosemite Valley, California, USA

94. Swam with Dolphins, Big Island, Hawaii

95. Seen a sea lion give birth on the beach, Big Sur, California, USA

96. Seen Dafo, the giant Buddha in Leshan, China









97. Sailed down the Yangtze River, China

98. Walked on black sand, Big Island, Hawaii, USA

99. Swam with giant sea turtles, Big Island, Hawaii, USA

100. Visited the Karst Mountains of Guilin, China









101. Swam in a hot spring in a cave, Yangshuo, China

102. Explored a lava tube cave, Big Island, Hawaii, USA

103. Road tripped the Pacific Coast Highway, California, USA

104. Driven over the Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco, CA, USA









105. Sipped Cocktails at a Bali Beach Club,  Seminyak, Bali, Indonesia

106. Visited the NSW Ski fields, Perisher, Australia

107. Laid in a bed in a park watching a movie,  Sydney, Australia

108. Held a bat, turtle and toucan, Nusa Dua, Bali, Indonesia









109. Completed the one day Inca trail – Machu Picchu Peru

110. 4WDing in the Salt Flats, Bolivia

111. Watched the sunset over the Moon Valley, Atacama, Chile

112. Sand boarded down the sand dunes, Huacachina, Peru








113. Jumped in the air at 5000m altitude, Bolivia

114. Visited Val Paraiso, Chile

115. Become an artwork – Artvo, Melbourne, Australia

116. Explored huge caverns, Abercrombie Caves, Australia








117. Eaten a 17 course degustation meal – Lima, Peru

118. Visited Machu Picchu, Peru

119. Walked the beach boxes at Brighton Beach, Australia

120. Driven the Bathurst 500 circuit, NSW Australia








121. Seen thousands of Dinosaur footprints – Sucre, Bolivia

122. Ziplined above the Sacred Valley – Peru

123. Taken a pee on ancient Inca Ruins – Winyan Wayna, Peru

124. Had breakfast with Llamas, Bolivia








125. Hung out at Vivid light festival – Sydney, Australia

126. Explored the catacombs of Lima, Peru

127. Walked the headland at Sculptures by the Sea – Bondi, Australia

128. Climbed to the lighthouse – Palm Beach, Australia








129. Visited the floating islands on Lake Titicaca, Peru

130. Seen flamingos in the wild, Bolivia

131. Climbed to the top of Inca ruins, Ollantaytambo, Peru

132. Caught funiculars – Santiago, Chile








133. Visited Cactus Island in the middle of the salt flats, Bolivia

134. Eaten Guinea pig – Pisac, Peru

135. Seen wild vicuñas, Bolivia

136. Climbed on abandoned trains – Uyuni, Bolivia








137. Viewed Santiago in 360 degree views, Chile

138. Picnicked all in Blue, Sydney Australia

139. Viewed Melbourne from the Skydeck, Australia

140. Taken a sea plane ride, Sydney, Australia








141. Swam in a giant sinkhole, Upolu, Samoa

142. Seen an iceberg, New Zealand

143. Swam in a waterfall in Samoa

144. Cruised Milford Sound, South Isalnd, NZ



145. Rode a luge in Queenstown, NZ

146. Swam in a freshwater cave, Western Samoa 

147. Ridden a boat under a waterfall, Milford Sound, NZ

148. Swam in the most turquoise water I’ve ever seen, Savai’i, Samoa



149. Dressed in traditional Hanboks, Seoul, South Korea

150. Seen Mt Fuji, Japan

151. Ridden the Illawarra Fly zipline, NSW, Australia

152. Taken the cable car at Songdo Bay, Busan, South Korea


153. Visited the DMZ near North Korea, Seoul, South Korea

154. Seen the Fushi Inara Shrine, Kyoto, Japan

155. Kayaked the Mooloola River, Sunshine Coast, Australia

156. Filmed a K-Pop video, Seoul, South Korea


157. Had a dance lesson at the Sydney Opera House, Sydney, Australia

158. Seen a chatter of black cockatoos, NSW South Coast, Australia

159. Visited Australia’s only cat cafe, Sydney, Australia

160. Seen the Blow Hole at Kiama, NSW Australia


161. Visited the Standing Stones, Glen Innes, NSW, Australia

162. Climbed aboard the HMAS Endeavour Replica, Sydney, Australia

163. Had high tea at the Hydro Majestic in the Blue Mountains, NSW, Australia

164. Seen a Yayoi Kusama installation at the National Gallery, Canberra,  Australia

165. Visited Team lab, Borderless in Tokyo, Japan

166. Spent the night in a capsule hotel, Osaka, Japan

167. Hung out with Hedgehogs, at a Hedgehog Cafe, Tokyo, Japan

168. Walked through the Bamboo forest, Kyoto, Japan


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