SPOTTED! Kitsch Items of South Korea

We all know that South Koreas are a little kooky, definitely hip and after visiting Seoul and Busan, I realised they are extremely organised, courteous and kitsch. I hadn’t been to Japan yet, so the South Koreans were definitely taking out the kitsch awards.

In our week spent in Seoul and Busan we visited many historical and monumental sights, full of traditional sculptures and scenes. But we also spotted several unusual things and people around town.

Spotted: The World’s Weirdest Sculpture

I don’t even want to know what is going on here! A Korean friend of mine thinks it might have to do with a childhood game of leap frog…


Spotted: A fan club of some sort

These ladies were so happy to pose for me. We learnt that the finger sign they are doing represents a love heart by holding two fingers together.


Spotted: What is even in these jars?

Snakes and squids. I think that’s what was in the jars.


Spotted: Fun Foods

Peach flavoured milk in a can and supiciously sperm shaped sour gummies. Be still my heart!


Spotted: Colourful Busan

The colourful buses around Taejongdae National Park and the beautiful buildings of Gamcheon Cultural Village


Spotted: Interactive Sculptures

We always need to pose with a fun statue, even at the North Korea Border. I loved these angel wings in Busan but it was pouring with rain, hence my unhappy face.



Spotted: Queueing luggage

This is the best system, you put your luggage in a line while you go off and shop, eat and use the facilities at the ferry terminal. Everyone is so trusting, saves standing around in a queue!


There were so many more kitschy things we saw, and then of course we took a ferry to Japan, land of the Kitsch!

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