Monthly Recap – June 2018

A recap of my adventures in the month of June

Winter has arrived in Sydney, and as I adjust to living in an old house (brrrr cold!) we had a busy month, with a nice long weekend in the middle (urgh sick) and three different art gallery events.

Read on for my monthly recap.



Woolwich was voted as a communal location for a brunch catch up with the girls. As we live all over Sydney finding the perfect spot can be a challenge! We tried a new place, Ironwood Coffee Company and Cafe.

It was one of those great menus when we could order off the breakfast or lunch menu. Everyone wins! I had parked down the road where I could glimpse the harbour. Always picturesque.



I had a 2 day conference in the city right before the long weekend. I organised to stay at an apartment in Surry Hills and walked down each day to the International Convention Centre. It’s always a nice change of pace to not be at work and to see how the other half live; busy office workers walking with their coffee cups and briefcases, packed buses and , early morning cafes and joggers.

The conference was right next to Darling Harbour so I had the chance to pop out for some lunch and a treat of chocolate dipped strawberries, because why not?!

After the conference on the first night I had a little bit of time to explore the Vivid Light Festival. They had a water installation light show going at Darling Harbour and the foreshore was crowded. I had envisioned spending all night wandering all over the city exploring the different light exhibits, but fatigue and an oncoming cold pushed me back to the apartment for sleep.



The first of our art gallery events was an exhibition that my partner was involved in as part of the Pittwater Artists Trail. They have a yearly exhibition of all their artists on the June Long weekend. These photos are from opening night. Such a talented bunch of people!


One Friday night we headed to Balmain Watch House (a former jail turned community space) to see an exhibition by four artists called “The Architecture of Birds”. It’s a cute little restored building, a rabbit warren of rooms that used to be cells. Opening night was buzzing.



Randomly we discovered a beautiful space and exhibition being held at the Rochfort Gallery in North Sydney. This old Masonic hall has been beautifully restored and is a stunning venue for exhibitions, complete with chandeliers and amazing floral arrangements by a local artist. I suggested to The Artist that we should get married there, haha!

The exhibition we saw when we were there was by David Preston, contemporary Australian print maker and landscape painter. He had some beautiful pieces. The catalogue was seriously like a coffee table book! We both vowed to come and see more exhibitions at the Rochfort Gallery, and attend an opening night.


Another local gallery, the Be Brave Art Space at Avalon has only been opened this year and they have a great space for small, interesting exhibitions. We attended the opening night for ” <ARO<ATURE”  by Phil Meatchem, a collection of caricatures of famous rock idols. The opening night was accompanied by blaring rock music, seemed fitting.


Well after that arty month, bring on July and 2 weeks holidays!

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