Photo of the Week… Lake Titicaca

Lake Titicaca was one of those places I had dreamed about going. A far off place I had learnt about through my schooling days, or maybe at university. The highest lake in the world? Sounds like a sight I need to see.

I made it to Lake Titicaca and the town of Puno last October. The weather was stunning, the lake and sky a beautiful blue. We did a boat cruise that took us to one of the floating islands and then to Tequile Island for lunch. What a fantastic day trip, highly recommended!

Travel Diary Extract:

We then boarded our small boat to explore Lake Titicaca. we motored out of Puno Harbour while our guide told us about the lake. It was formed tectonically when the Nazcar and American plates converged, forming the Andes and trapping the lake – which used to be ocean. Hence the lake is slightly salty. There are around 80 floating islands, artificial, man made islands made from reeds, tied and flattened together and anchored to the lake’s floor. We arrived at one of the islands, part of the Uros islands and were greeted by the family that lives there.


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