Travel Quote – The Friends You Make

“The friends you make travelling, are forever locked in your memories.” How true is this statement! I have made some lifelong friends and constant travel companions with people I have met in my travels. A lot of my longer trips have been on group tours (like Contiki, Intrepid and G Adventures) when I have travelled solo. This is a great way to make friends, as you spend 24-7 with a group of people for 2, 3 or 4 weeks. Talk about becoming close!

The other way you make friends while travelling, is with those people who you end up spending a day or commute with; a bus buddy, someone on a day tour, people you meet in the bars and party with all night, like that pub crawl I went on in Berlin with 70 strangers. Never to be seen again of course, unless you did a Facebook search or added them on Instagram, then you see the rest of their lives unfold. I follow some people who I spent a day or week with 15 years ago, so weird to see them via Facebook all grown up, getting married, having babies etc.

The reason these friends stay in your memories is that they are in all your photos of that particular trip or time. Facebook memories, photo albums, scrapbooks, they are filled with friends of past travels. It’s also great keeping in random touch with travel friends, as you never know when you’ll end up travelling in their vicinity and then you have a familar face to catch up with for a meal or drink, or even a road trip or couch to crash on – wherever you are in the world!

So here’s to all the travel friends now locked in my memories – thanks for being part of my adventures!

‘The Peaches’ – me and some of my oldest and dearest travel buddies, two of us go back to meeting on Contiki in 2005! Now the 4 of us (from Australia, Canada and England) meet up every two years or so and travel around. Love them!


The original travel gang – Contiki 2005. Seen here about to get into 10 degree water in Switzerland. Some of these people I have stayed close with since then, and meet up and travel with them all over the world!

A one day friendship wonder – Me and a girl called Laura from my hostel (who was also travelling solo) decided to hire bikes in Dresden, Germany. If I can’t join a tour, finding a buddy to do fun things with makes it so much more enjoyable. We both went our separate ways that afternoon, me to Berlin, her to Canada.

A British guy called Rob that I happened to run into on 2 different day tours in Turkey. Tbh, it was nice to have someone else to spend the day with in Turkey, I found it quite overwhelming to be there on my own at times, as a fair-haired, braces clad Aussie girl!

Me and a lot of random people on a pub crawl in Berlin. It was manic – Absynthe shots in the park, 7 different bars, seeing John Cusack, someone’s birthday and running into a girl I met on a bus in Turkey. Crazy time with travel friends, who of course I never saw again.


I hope that where ever my random travel friends area, they are happy and well. Thanks for being part of my collective memories.

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