Travel Essentials … Messenger Bag

I am not a huge fan of backpacks for day exploring while travelling. I know they are practical, but I’ve always thought they looked daggy and I got annoyed at constantly having to take it off my back and swinging it around to get things out, which for me is about every ten minutes.

So I persisted with taking hand bag style totes that I could hang onto under my arm, slung over one shoulder, zipper facing me, snug under the armpit. I have the world’s smallest shoulders in relation to my body size so one strap bags often fall off, hence my need to hold onto them.

Lately I’ve been really getting into the cross body satchel, messenger bag, worn across the body and down on the hip or slung around the back.


















Where have these bags been all my life! I can walk hands free! No slipping off! No sore shoulder under the weight!

I can’t believe I didn’t get one of these sooner.

When we recently in Melbourne I bought this green bag at strandbags, on sale. It was surprising how much I could fit inside. It was perfect for our day trip to Brighton Beach.


I then began looking online and in stores for the perfect messenger bag to take on my upcoming trip to South America. I wanted something large enough for a small laptop and possibly my camera. Robust and forgiving textures and colours. Cute enough to go from backpacking bag to night time purse.

There were so many choices online like this one from etsy store Mark Fabric. You can select your colour and animal motif too.


I can’t go past a good cat meme, and this grey bag is cute. I’m taking grey jeans away with me so this would be perfect. Not sure if the fabric will be as long lasting, or water resistant.

I love the idea of coated plastic, having owned bags from Bondi Market’s stall Pretty in Pink Designs in my past, especially toiletry bags.

The  etsy store FlowerNbird has so many cute fabrics in the coated plastic. Eiffel towers! Swoon!



In the end I settled for this grey and tan bag, with red love hearts and Eiffel towers. I have grey jeans and tan sandals for my trip, along with black, white, red and navy tees. This should go perfectly! il_570xN.1108661594_t4vj.jpg (570×456)

And yes it fits my laptop, so it will be perfect for the plane!


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