Brighton Beach Boxes

On our recent trip to Melbourne we took a day trip out to Brighton to see the famous Brighton Beach Boxes, beach changing huts. The narrow beach at Brighton, officially Dendy Street Beach is adorned with 82 colourful painted beach huts which were mainly built in the late 1800s and early 1900s as a means for women to get changed or as shelter from the wind. The current beach huts at Brighton have a long history, which you can read about here.

We took the train from Flinders Street Station out to Brighton on the Sandringham line, then walked to Dendy Street Beach. Luckily we had such fantastic weather for the middle of winter. It would be easier to arrive at the Beach Boxes by car, taxi or uber, but a train will do if you’re willing for the trip to take a little longer.

Cute Brighton Beach Station on the Sandringham Line


Lucky it’s a nice day to walk up to Dendy Street Beach


At last we arrive at the beach, and begin walking past the 80 or so Beach Boxes


Loved this ” Giant Wave” artwork on one of the bathing boxes


Being winter and a week day, none of the owners of the beach boxes were about


The beach was busy with tourists, so getting a shot relatively empty was an achievement!


We walked behind the beach boxes, finally a view with no people


Looking through to Port Phillip Bay
Aussie Spirit
















The pastel colours were shining in the sun


An iconic scene


Once we walked to the end of the beach, we had to turn around and head back
The colours really pop!

We had such an enjoyable morning exploring Brighton Beach and walking along the foreshore. If you are visiting Melbourne and are looking for a day trip out from the city, this will be perfect.  Though, you may want to rethink having a swim, especially if you don’t like sea lice!

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