Photo of the week … Geysers at 5000m

You don’t really know what to expect at 5000m altitude. I certainly didn’t expect to come across an active sulfur area, complete with roaring geysers. But that is what we found as we climbed to the highest altitude I have ever reached, in the altiplano of Bolivia.

This high desert plain provides a surreal landscape, snow on sand, active volcanoes, snow capped peaks, rocks shaped by the roaring wind. When we reached this geyser we jumped out of the car and ran to explore the steam, you can stand right on the edge and let the smelly steam completely engulf you!

Just another crazy adventure I had exploring the Bolivian high desert. I travelled with G Adventures on their Southern Divide 21 day South American adventure. Part of the tour takes you through the Bolivian Salt Flats and desert in 4WDs, right through the geothermal area of Sol de Mañana. Even though they are referred to as geysers, apparently they are just wells in the geothermic field that burst out steam.

I’m still going to say I visited the geyser basin of Bolivia though… it’s just semantics!


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