Photo of the Week – Budapest Baths

We loved visiting the Szechenyi Baths in Budapest. We discovered them on our self guided walk around Budapest and its parks. We decided to revisit and have a swim on our last afternoon in Budapest, just before boarding an overnight train to Poland. A perfect way to cool off and warm up in the pools, especially when you have no hostel room!

There are 3 pools to bathe in, two heated and one cool. We were there in the heat of summer so a welcome swim was in order. Even the hottest pool was refreshing.

When we found them on the first day I bought a giant pretzel (can’t resist) from a seller in the park, and when we returned I bought fairy floss. Also can’t resist!

Such a beautiful setting for a community bath
I cannot resist buying freshly spun fairy floss
Pretzels! What’s not to love?
It was a busy day when we were there
A rare swimwear shot of me!
This is the baths from the front entrance


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