Travel Essentials … Sweat Pants


Sweatpants, sweats, tracksuit pants, yoga pants, trackies, no matter what you call them they can be a very handy item to pack for travel. Never been a big fan of the tracksuit / workout look myself, until I bought the H&M blue  pair featured above. So soft. Loose around the top but tight around the calf, almost a blend of sweatpants and leggings. But they allow you to expose your bottom. Because of course I still subscribe to the thought, leggings are NOT pants. But trackies? Awesome pants.

I think the key is with wearing these while travelling (unless working out while travelling) is to dress them up slightly in a sports luxe kind of way so you don’t look like your traipsing around Europe en route to a swim team meet up.

Sneakers can work, especially casual numbers like converse, or flats. Adventurous types even pair their sweat pants with heels, but heels aren’t always appropriate for travel.

Worn with a cotton stretch blazer or denim jacket over a striped tank or tee, or a shirt or chambray, keeps it casual but not a gym wear outfit.

I tend to prefer leggings over tracksuit pants, as they can be dressed up a lot more. But fleecy or thicker pants are warmer than leggings so they can be more useful especially if travelling in colder climates. Plus it eliminates legging-pants-butt-action.


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