Travel Essentials… Beauty Products on the Plane


These are my absolute necessary beauty items and toiletries for a long haul flight. Sydney to Los Angeles can be 14 hours, even longer to Dallas and heading to Europe is usually TWO long haul flights. Urgh.

Now some people want to pack most of their make up so they arrive looking ‘made up’ but I can’t really be bothered with all that. Some concealer on the eyes, sunnies and a hat can hold me over till I get to my accommodation for a good shower and to put proper make up on. On the flight I just want some basics for my face and body that can be in a tote bag at my feet. Often the lip balm and serum is in a little pouch with my eye mask and ear plugs that goes in the pouch in the back of the chair in front of me.

Deodorant: A small aerosol that can get through security. I like Dove or Nivea the best.

Cuticle Balm: I am recently on a mission to have better cuticles and I am trying to rub in this Burts Bee’s cuticle balm everyday, sometimes 3 times a day! Sitting on a plane (bored) is a great opportunity to work on my cuticles, especially as your hands dry out so much on long flights.

Moisturiser: This is an absolute must, especially for your face. I love the Nivea Soft for travel as it can be used on face, body and hands. It’s the only moisturiser I take travelling except for a SPF 30+ one for my face.

BB Cream: At the end of the flight I apply some BB cream/tinted moisturiser as a bit of coverage for my blotchy skin. This Natio BB cream is my favourite, gives quite a bit of colour, blends well and has SPF in it. It’s a great travel product as it can be worn alone without needing extra foundation.

Dry Shampoo: I have to carry this at all times as my hair is super thin and gets limp and oily at the scalp in about half a day (regular day or travel day!). The Batiste travel minis are the best. Just make sure you don’t lose the lid, or security will confiscate it.

Concealer: I have rosacea and pigmentation, not to mention dark circles under the eyes. A spot of concealer helps cover all this. I apply this Benefit one after my BB cream. A bonus is a little concealer with a little mirror so you can do it in your seat.

Lip Balm: So crucial for flying. I think I put on lip balm every hour, my lips get so dry on planes. These Burt’s Bees one are the best, very hydrating and with a little bit of colour.

Face Wipes: A travel pack of wipes is perfect for removing make up etc from your face before you have your inflight ‘sleep’ (ha! I wish!), also to clean hands and face after meals, visiting the bathroom etc.

Serum: I always pack a sample size face serum in to apply to my skin under my moisturiser to help keep my face from drying out too much on long trips.

Optional extras – if room allows I will also pop in some mascara, eye brow gel, hand sanitiser, lip/cheek stain.

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