Photo of the Week – Taipei from Elephant Mountain

I had two overseas trips in 2023, to 4 countries. My only new country was Taiwan – just a quick 3 day layover in Taipei. On the first day we trekked the thousand steps up Elephant Mountain (well really just a big hill) to see the view of the city and Taipei 101.

It’s definitely worth the walk. Along the way the path is pretty, with tropical plants and delicate carvings in stones, seats and railings. There are many paths and options to take all over the mountain and through the surrounding parklands. It’s a bit cooler under the cover of all the foilage. Who knew Taipei was so tropical and steamy?

Coming down was brutal on the knees, but going up left us puffing! We decided not to go at sunset and face the crowds – mid morning was busy enough.  An easy, free activity to do in Taipei!

Looking forward to sharing some more 2023 content – from New Zealand, Singapore and Batam Island, Indonesia and of course some more Taiwan!


Not to mention planning some trips for 2024 and 2025…

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