Travel Quote…Stay up for Sunrise

I just love sunsets, especially with a view or over water. Sunrises too, but I am not a great early morning person. I find that getting up for sunrise is such a gamble, what if I get up early but it’s cloudy? Or the sunrise is a bit ordinary? If the sunset is a bit ordinary, no big deal, you were up anyway!

So I tend not to get up early for sunrise, as I get so little sleep as it is. The best sunrises I have seen was when I had stayed awake all night!

When I arrived in Apia, Western Samoa it was almost 5am. It was still dark as I got my transfer to the resort. I hadn’t realised when I booked my early morning arrival that not only could I not check in, but the office didn’t open till 8am! So at 5.30 in the morning I was allowed to wait in the games room, (that luckily had a couch and a bathroom) and await for staff to arrive!

So I sat in the dark in the games room, trying to entertain myself… then I remembered I was at a oceanfront resort on a tropical island and sunrise was approaching!

These are the snaps I got that first morning from both sides of our waterfront accommodation. Again, staying up for sunrise paid off!

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