Travel Essentials… Luggage Tags


Like any girl who enjoys shopping, cute things, stationery and shops like Daiso, I love cute and kitsch luggage tags. I love when I have something really unique.

What I don’t love is how often I have to replace my luggage tags because they get ripped, torn off or just simply go missing.

So the secret is to not spend a lot of money (no Oroton thanks) and to not get too attached to your luggage tags. After 4-5 flights my tags always seem a bit worse for wear, if they are still there!

My favourites have been the lego style one (gone after one trip, rigid plastic isn’t very forgiving), my panda one I bought in China (still going strong), the ‘Put it Back it’s Mine’ tag (also M.I.A), a black and white cat one that matches my Panda (who me? match?) and of course anything from Typo.

I love me a good Kate Spade one, but feel that for the high chance of them coming off I’d rather spend my Kate Spade Dollars on other things (like clothes, wallets, tote bags….)

After checking out the Typo ones, I may need a new luggage tag (or two) for Hawaii in April!


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