Time for some Travel Dreamcasting

It’s happening again. A spark has been ignited. Possibilities are forming, there is perhaps a new reason for living…. or at least, earning money!

I have begun my next ‘Travel Dreamcasting’ phase. This is when a potential holiday, trip or experience has entered my conscious thoughts and now I begin to develop it properly in my brain (with some possible assistance from Google, Instagram and Pinterest) until hopefully it ends up turning into a real travel experience.

With some of my closest travel buddies, this dreamcasting phase is shared, and can last for years. Some examples include…

  • Planning a week of Sunshine in Darwin or Fiji with an old friend, we both are childless with the same job and holidays…
  • Potential trips to Colombia, Ecuador, Sri Lanka or India with my overseas travel companions (from the UK and Canada) – we meet up every 2 years or so for a big overseas trip
  • Wistfully dreaming of train travel in Spain, Portugal and Italy with my partner, a month of museums, scenery and food
  • Possible plans for an antipodean catch up with my friend in NZ, meeting somewhere like Cairns, Tonga or Melbourne with her and her toddler for some quality catch up time

Some dreams are sitting on the shelf, not currently part of my escapism thought rotation. Maybe in another era, decade or life.

At the moment I have nothing booked in or set in stone, which is a disenheartening way to live. I need little holidays booked in, and long holidays planned. It feels so much better to go to work and toil away when you are counting down to something!

It’s time to look at the calendar for the next two or so years and start planning!

The current  places on my bucketlist taking up the most Dreamcasting time are:

South America – Ecuador, Columbia, Brazil, Argentina

Costa Rica


Norway and the Northern Lights

Port Douglas

Darwin, Uluru and Broome

The bucket list is actually way bigger! The next dreamcasting stage is to get serious about a place and start the conversations, screenshotting, texting ideas and links and finding the right month in the not so distant future to book it in!

Where are you travel dreamcasting thoughts taking you right now?

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