Photo of the Week … Bamboo Rafting

Bamboo rafting Yangshuo China
Bamboo rafting Yangshuo China

China is such a big place, and in 3 weeks I only saw a tiny part of it. I did hit up all the major tourist attractions and was super excited – ticking off my bucket list The Great Wall of China and The Terracotta Warriors.

But my favourite place that I visited in China? Yangshuo and the famous Karst limestone mountains.  The scenery is divine, made even more breathtaking as you take a cruise down the Lei River.

But then we did a 90 minute bamboo rafting trip down a smaller river, wow! My favourite activity and place of the trip. You get punted down the river one way on a bamboo raft, complete with umbrella and drinks delivered from nearby boats (if you’re lucky!)

What a lovely memory, thankfully I have about 500 photos of that day!

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