Little Beach, Bouddi National Park

I have been visiting Little Beach since I was born. Family members have a holiday house on the street leading to the 750m walk to the Beach. The house is affectionately named within the family as simply ‘little beach’. eg ‘when are we staying at little beach?’

It is a tiny beach (as the name suggests) and the walk through the forest to get there is splendid, rainforest, ferns, bird sounds, canopies and the distant crash of waves. Once at Little Beach you can explore the rock pools and beach rocks on each side or dabble in the water.

Its not the safest for swimming, hard core surfers often head out, but its great for splashing about on the shore and in the small creek that runs into the ocean, my childhood memories are full of those moments. In the 34 years I have been visiting Little Beach the topography has changed due to constant erosion of wind and surf- I seem to remember more sand as a child, though that could just be because I was a lot smaller then.

You’ll often find some campers down there as it is a popular little camp spot. It also marks the beginning of several great walks around Bouddi National Park, I remember doing the Bouddi Coastal Walk as a child with my dad, a strong memory of eating muesli bars on a headland comes to mind.

Getting There: Little beach is located about 90 minute drive from the Sydney CBD, but could take up to 2 hours in heavy traffic.

Look out for: The face in the cliff, the curved caves, cuttlefish galore

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