Banff Gondola

Isn’t it the worst when you only have one day to sightsee in a certain place and you have all these things planned to fit into your 24 hours and it rains!

We arrived into picturesque Banff National Park and the quaint town of Banff to rain and cloud. Oh no, this won’t do for outdoorsy hikes and a trip up the Banff Gondola – recommended as the best of three gondolas in the Canadian Rockies, with the Jasper tramway and the Lake Louise gondola making up the trifecta.

Disappointed (and hungry) we decided to cut our losses and go for an early dinner / late lunch at about 4pm seeing as the rain looked like it had set in. Of course as soon as we arrived back to our accommodation the heavens cleared, the sun came out – and in a split second we were back in the car screaming round the bends to get on the gondola and go see some of the amazing views. Hunger pains aside, we were very lucky and got to see the surrounding valleys in all their glory, ignoring the looming clouds behind us.

Eventually the rain started and the clouds shadowed the valley and the view, but we were content, it was money well spent on the gondola trip. You definitely wouldn’t pay to go up the Banff gondola in poor weather, hang out for sunshine, even if it is only an hour long!

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