Travel Essentials – The right sized day bag

I’m not a backpack sort of girl. Or a money belt (though my recent lost passport experience may change that). I get that the everyday travel bag is a totally personal decision – whether you like a tiny clutch, a bumbag (‘fanny pack’), day backpack or tote.

I  don’t like dressing like a backpacker or hardcore traveller, in Kathmandu jackets and cargos. I’m classier, more dressy, I guess you could describe my travelling style as ‘backpacker chic’. I still want to wear my regular clothes and not stand out too much.

So when it comes to the everyday travel bag, I want a nice big tote that I can haul everything in. Cameras, wallet, maps, books, journals, cardigan, snacks, sunscreen. I like having it tucked under my arm with the zipper end near my chest, never trusted backpacks in crowded train stations and airports.

I like the bag to be squashy, so it can be stuffed under seats and even used as a pillow if napping (on airport floors and the like). dark colours are preferable, and a hardy texture.

Of course there are times when you need something to go on your back (like when hiking) so your arms are free, or a tiny cross body purse (like when out at night).

Oh no does this mean I have to take 3 handbags away with me? Still working on this packing skill obviously.

Here are some of the types  I like:

Travel Handbags

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